Mobility & Security


The solution which lets you virtualize your badge safelyMyBadge is the application which lets you use your Samsung Gear S2 or S3 or your smartphone instead of the company badge. The application exploits the KEA (KNOX Enabled App), which encrypts data such as access keys and saves them safely on your smartphone thanks to KNOX. Samsung smartphone use a technology called KNOX which allows you to separate business data from private ones using government level recognized security standard.



Trasform Samsung devices in tailored solutions.  MyKiosk is the application which lets you use your Samsung device in total tranquility and configure it according to your needs. Thanks to the use of Samsung KNOX, compatible devices can be transformed into personalized solutions for several vertical markets including hospitality and retail.  The application allows transforming the Samsung device in a personalized device for your business, such as an information kiosk in a public place or a tax cashier in a store.


E-Fota App

With Samsung’s Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air solution, an enterprise has control of OS versions on employee devices. IT admins can test updates before deployment, ensuring compatibilities between in-house software and the new OS version.  In collaboration with Samsung, R&D, we have created the first stand-alone app that IT Admin can use for update device OS versions without interrupting end-users and indipendent from every MDM/EMM.