is the application which lets you use your Samsung Gear S2 or S3 or your smartphone instead of the company badge. The application exploits the KEA (KNOX Enabled App), which encrypts data such as access keys and saves them safely on your smartphone thanks to KNOX.


Greater security

Samsung smartphone use a technology called KNOX which allows you to separate business data from private ones using government level recognized security standard.

Simplified management

With a few simple step you can virtualize your badge on your mobile or wearable device, with all the benefits of remote key management permissions and deployment of the application.


KNOX Enabled App

It guarantees customer protection

KEA guarantees the safeguarding of the users’ information such as credit cards and social security numbers, isolating them from other data in the device.


It’s not necessary for the user to have technical knowledge

KEA secures the user’s applications with Knox security without altering the user experience.
The safe environment is transparent to the user.


It encrypts data from the app

With the creation of a safer container, encrypted and invisible, where the application can reside, companies can provide higher security services to Samsung device owners.
If the device is tampered, the information stored in the container becomes inaccessible.


It exploits the Knox platform transparently

Enter the security of the Knox platform within your application without ever having more versions.
The platform provides enterprise-class security-levels, lifting the company from the complexity of their management.


No client MDM required

Service providers are able to deploy their applications safely and without the need for a further device management solution.


Ideal for risk-sensitive companies

Ideal for risk-sensitive companies
KEA helps sectors such as finance and health to meet their security needs.


KEA exploits Knox secutity

KEA exploits Knox secutity within applications for internal customers or employees without the need for an MDM. Knox is a multi-layer technology integrated into the hardware and software systems of the latest Samsung devices: is constantly monitors the integrity of the device and detects any tampering ensuring data security. Respecting the most stringent security requirements by government agencies and large companies around the world, it provides enterprise users with a robust mobility security solution.

Application features

Management of utilities

The management of utilities which take advantage of this solution is simplified thanks to the fact that everything is configurable server side: permission, badge validity times, key renewal and so on, ecc,


It is sufficient for the user to approach his smartphone and wearable to the NFC player, witch will verify the enabling and permissions of the «virtual badge».
The solution is completely based on open standards that simplify integration within complex business environments.

Safer than a normal badge

In case of loss of the device you can always disable keys and prevent unauthorized access.
Key exchange processes, sharing with mobile devices and interaction with players are based on encypted communications.
The ability to use digital certificates increases the security levels guaranteed by the solution.

Technical specifications

Supported Operating System and Knox Version

MyBadge application supports the following operating system versions and the following versions of Knox.
Check compatibility with your device.

Supported Mobile Devices

Galaxy S8 / S8+; Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge; Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge+; Galaxy S5; Galaxy S5 mini; Galaxy S5 Neo; Galaxy S4; Galaxy S4 mini; Galaxy S3; Galaxy A5 / A3; Galaxy J7 / J5 / J3; Galaxy Note 5; Galaxy Note 4; Galaxy Note3


Supported Wearable

Samsung Gear S2 and Samsung Gear S3

For proper installation on wearable devices, you must install it from the Google Play Store, the smartphone application and the Galaxy Apps application, for Gear.Only when you are installing the smartwatch must be connected to the smartphone, to record and generate the encrypted key.After the two devices can be used autonomously to access in full security, using NFC technology.