Is the application which lets you use your Samsung device in total tranquility and configure it according to your needs. Thanks to the use of Samsung KNOX, compatible devices can be transformed into personalized solutions for several vertical markets including hospitality and retail.


Controlled use

The Samsung KNOX platform guarantees the possibility of controlling all the device functionalities discriminating whet users can do by creating a personalized experience.

Personalized services

The application allows transforming the Samsung device in a personalized device for your business, such as an information kiosk in a public place or a tax cashier in a store.



Controlled use

  • Knox allows extensive “user experience” monitoring what can be seen on the device
  • The kiosk mode is configurable and allows to create a customizable experience for every type of business
  • Configurations can be extended to the behaviour of connectivity and power management

Easy and affordable

  • Knox helps companies lower capex/ opex by reconfiguring consumer-type tabs
  • Invest in Samsung devices easily scalable before buying custom-made hardware
  • Create solutions that can easily grow, expand and help your business evolve

Extend the functionalities of your devices

  • Create a secure environment for your Samsung devices where customers and users have a controlled access
  • Customize a tablet to provide information to a public kiosk or prepare a terminal at a point of sale to take customers orders
  • Offer massive “over-air” configuration to devices and deliver contents to your customers

Customized services

Samsung helps you analyze your needs and offers you a selection of optimized solutions
For an advanced device deployment, you can customize the solution further



Knox provides a complete set of devices and service which enable organizatons to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions. It trasforms Samsung devices into customized solutions for any company. Knox in a multi-layer technology integrated in the hardware and software systems of the latest Samsung devices: it enables full control of all device functionalities, from hardware keys to the personalization of the start-up image.

Application features

Main functionalities

  • Inhibition of access to all the features of the device (edit setting, running other applications, change connectivity, ability to turn the device off)
  • Running the app only set in kiosk mode (opening when the device starts, the user can’t close it, unique app in foreground)
  • Possibility of unlocking the device via a PIN (configurable by a user)
  • Possibility to configure basic options through a page accesible through administration pins (PIN change, enabling kiosk mode)
  • Ability to block display on a single web page (or domain)
  • Ability to visualize a web page when the app is set in kiosk mode
  • Ability to keep the screen of the device always on
  • Ability to lock the volume keys

Optional features

  • Ability to install silently third-party apps
  • Ability to customize the device (logo displayed at startup/shutdown, wallpaper customization, hardware keyboard behaviour, power on/off when the power cord is connected/disconnected)
  • Ability to control the device’s behaviour remotely

Technical specifications

Supported Operating System and Knox Version

MyKiosk application supports the following operating system versions and the following versions of Knox.
Check compatibility with your device.

Supported Mobile Devices

Galaxy S8 / S8+; Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge; Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge+; Galaxy S5; Galaxy S5 mini; Galaxy S5 Neo; Galaxy S4; Galaxy S4 mini; Galaxy S3; Galaxy A5 / A3; Galaxy J7 / J5 / J3; Galaxy Note 5; Galaxy Note 4; Galaxy Note3

Galaxy Note 10.1; Galaxy Note 10.1 2014; Galaxy Note 8.0; Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 / 8.0 / 7.0; Galaxy Tab 3 7.0; Galaxy Tab A 10.1 / 9.7 / 8.0; Galaxy Tab E 9.6 / 8.0; Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 / 8.0; Galaxy Tab S2 10.5 / 8.4; Galaxy Tab S 10.5 / 8.4; Galaxy TabPRO 12.2 / 10.1 / 8.4; Galaxy View;